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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Testing, testing

Took a little trip today to try out the MT43 tyres, 14 tooth sprocket and raised rear brake lever. Great! Although the bike is more buzzy at higher speeds (which restricts speed a bit, 65mph still easy) at lower speeds on harder trails I found a great improvement. On a nearby rocky ascent, that I find a bit tricky, the lower gearing and soft tyres gave me more confidence and the bike felt more how I'd expected it to be. To be honest, I have been slightly disappointed by its lack of low speed friendliness until now. As the rear MT43 is a 'tall' tyre there can't be very much net reduction in gearing, but maybe just enough?

Today I didn't go near any real mud, partly due to the route and partly because the little I found was frozen, so I can't comment on whether there is a mud clearance problem with the MT43s.


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