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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Small indicators

A week or so ago I fitted a set of not-quite-legal wobbly indicators. These are silicone-bodied and really quite small. They mount with a 6mm bolt and the wire exits separately.

The broken bracket was repaired with solvent glue and then a brass sheet trimmed and overlaid.
The brass repair plate

Naturally the wiring job was a little more complex than it should have been...

The indicators are fitted with bullet connectors and so is the bike's wiring loom - unfortunately they aren't the same diameter! The indicators are fitted with 'Japanese' ones wihich are a spot smaller than 'European'.
The different sizes of bullet connectors
Oh well, that's what soldering irons are for. For neatness I used heatshrink tubing as sheathing as the originals had a rubber cover which I couldn't find a replacement for locally. The front indicators connect behind the headlight, the rears within the rearlamp assembly having passed through sealing washers. Putting WD40 on the wires helped removal and refitting.
The rear indicators fitted onto mudguard assembly
The end result looks pretty good and works fine. The flash rate is slightly faster as the bulbs are lower wattage but not a silly speed.

Front indicators fitedRear indicators


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