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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Short rides

The last 2 sundays I've gone out for short trips to try to get used to the bike and to improve my negligible skill. In particular I've been practising trials-style turns having seen a very good online video (Trials Training Center). The key is to tilt the bike against your inner leg and twist your shoulders into the turn too. Push down on the inner bar, outer elbow high. I've not got full lock circles or figure-8's yet but am getting closer. The clutch is heavy!

This week I also tried a local limestone ascent and a muddy valley trail. I don't like the now-worn Karoos on limestone, there's almost no grip. On the mud I found the bike stable and if an occasional puddle was ridden too, the tyres stayed clear. Without a puddle they clogged quickly and the they'll spit you off. I feel happier letting the back end go its own way than I have been on other machines and hopefully I'll get more used to it.

I tried the mud in both 1st and 2nd. Just as slower in second but with a tiny anount of clutch slip. The engine felt close to stalling on occasion but the reduced torque at the wheel felt to give less risk of slipping the wheel due to an inadvertent throttle blip.

With the new mini indicators and flexible plate the drops didn't damage anything.

I'm also getting used to the too-long-sidestand. With care it is possible to find a raised spot for a wheel and then the stand seems fine.


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