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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

No reserve!

I'd almost fogotten about this! As I set off on last weekend's ride the fuel reserve light was lit. 'No problem' I thought, there's still nearly 2 litres left. Well after a little period of the machine being horizontal, a few km down the road we spluttered to a halt. Just need to switch to reserve...there isn't one...Argh!

After a moment of hrsitation I decided to roll down the hill towards a petrol station. The freewheel was easy but the little incline at the end was quite major when pushing. Then I gave the bike a few shakes and it started! Great! So I managed to do another km or so with help. It was further than I recalled so I was very thankful.

I'm used to a reserve position on the fuel tap of motorbikes and assumed the light supplemented that rather than replaced it. I may have to look into altering that.


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