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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Day 6: Vouziers (again)

There was a petrol station and jet wash across the road from the hotel so last night I topped up the tank, cleaned the Alp and adjusted the chain and tyre pressures in preparation for my journey home. Today was to be a 'rest day'.

I started off by visiting the municipal swimming pool and after 45 minutes there collected some food and made my way back to the hotel. In the afternoon I walked along the canalised River Aisne. The sun had brought the insect out and I was chased by mosquitos and dragon flies of various colours and sizes flitted overhead.

On my return walk the little 'Picasso' train passed by. This is on a tourist train route that I'd contemplated taking but didn't have enough time. Perhaps another year?
All in all, I'd walked and swum for the whole day, not much of a rest!


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