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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Routine service

Today, at 15700km, I got a new MOT certificate for the Alp. The bike has only done just over 2000km since its last test and service.

I'm struggling to keep up with such things since last years illness, but hopefully I'll stay on track now. Whilst out I bought oil and a filter and changed it on my return. Later I cleaned and re-oiled the airfilter and a fair bit later, once the engine was cold, rechecked the valve clearances. One of the inlet valves was on the maximum clearance of 0.1mm but it didn't seem worth interfering with it to make it 0.02mm tighter. The chain needed a little adjustment too.

As I did a fair bit of tidying in June 2008 the tyres and sprockets are in good condition. I don't feel the brake fluid needs an annual change!

Incidentally, the LED panal lights are failing. So much for solid state reliability.


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