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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Route card holder

In the past I've written about my home-made illuminated route roller. However I do have use for a card holder when I'm making the route as I go along or to hold instructions given at the last minute.

My previous card holder snapped due to fatigue at a thin bent section so I decided to clamp a plastic board directly onto the handlebars. I fabricated to clamps, rather like handlebar clamps from some fairly soft plastic that I had in stock. Black might have been better.

These were a little fiddly to make and aren't excellent, but are hopefully adequate. My wish was for an A5 cardholder but the only place where it could be mounted without covering the instruments (I do occasionally look at the speedometer) or foul my tankbag left it rather exposed to the wind.

I didn't need to take it for a test ride to realise that it would vibrate in the short term and probably crack in the long term. A pity. So plan B is A4 wide and third of A4 tall. Grovvy rubber band retainers though!

I left an extra space to reveal the trip odometer - I'll have to lift the card and peer over, but at least there isn't a big piece of black plastic covering it. The black sheet is supposedly some sort of high resilience material so it should resist vibration and bending as it's used.


At 6:15 am, Blogger Waseem said...

This is so unique idea..i might need this when use this design for plastic cards..thanks for sharing it with us.

At 10:56 am, Blogger Unknown said...

Great work. I always use Plastic Card Holders. I have made various designs. There is so exciting in making this.

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