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Sunday, November 13, 2005


As I'd mentioned before, the levers are at risk of catching on the brushguards. Why do manufacturers fit such long levers? Anyway, I obtained a spare pair from the UK importer, Lampkin Imports Ltd at great expense: they were £20 each!! I now need to take them to my local dealer and find out if what pattern part will fit.

I then sawed around 1cm out of each lever, on an angle of 45 degrees and replaced the ball on the end with Techno-weld, the low temperature alloy brazing system. The joins then needed tidying up with a file and emery paper, the end result is marked with a yellow arrow. Of course, the shiny laquer burnt off! I then swapped the shortened levers for the OE ones, including a little water-resistant lithium base bicycle grease.

Technoweld joined lever

I've used this approach before and found the levers to be plenty strong enough, Actually if the join were to break it might protect the lever perches.


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