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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Day 9: Cambrai to Home

The goal today was to reach home in time to have the Beta washed before tea-time and that was achieved. The 120km of autoroute to the tunnel terminus wasn't too busy and I checked-in without difficulty. Last year I was delayed by border security and I feared the same might happen this time when the Police brought out a sniffer for explosives. Luckily the process was efficient and the queue reduced quickly. Near the boarding area myself and another motorcyclist were waved onto a train about to depart to fill a carriage. That made up for the outbound delay.

Rain had been forecast across England and I could see banks of rain in the distance for many miles. But amazingly I seemed to weave inbetween them and had a dry journey. I remembered my observations from the outbound journey and made petrol stops in Kent and then at the Roman Road Industrial estate off the A14.

Lots of tidying and washing of stuff followed...

540km, nearly all motorway-class roads


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