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Friday, September 06, 2013

Day 8: Limoges to Cambrai

On leaving the hotel I thought that I knew better then Google Directions and retraced my path to the autoroute junction. It then became clear that Google was right in advising a different route as I could only join Southbound and the next exit didn't allow me to return. After a little wasted time however I was making my way northwards, luckily the intersections are very close together.

There was drizzle and spray left from the night before's thunderstorm but I stayed dry in the yellow suit. By the time I left the autoroute the sun was out so I redressed and had a snack; see my planning has improved! The route was unexceptional and after Auxerre rejoined my outbound route. I managed to get lost in Provins. Outbound I'd managed to navigate the circuitous bypass but this time I failed. Until then I'd been following signs rather than Google and here I had the choice of Troyes or Paris. To the east or west respectively when I wanted to be going north. The few signs to Epernay were the solution. Only when I was on the right road did signs to my destination appear.

Everything was aching well before arrival and I had to ride without earplugs for a few hours as my ears had become too painful to tolerate them. Even the Airhawk seat was inadequate to stop me from shuffling every 10 minutes.

In this direction I managed to pass through St Quentin in control but slowly as the signed route was urban and there was a lot of commuter traffic. After that Cambrai was only a short hop and I could recall the hotel's location.

I wonder if this is the longest day that I have ridden? Some of my days to the Stella Alpina were lengthy and how about taking the F650 to Kyle of Lochalsh so many years ago? Indeed, that would have been 730km!

660km, half on autoroute


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