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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Day 7: Ripoll to Limoges

It was past midnight when I went to bed last night and this morning I had to repack/reorganise for travel rather than trail riding. On checking-out there was an unexpected single occupancy supplement but I couldn't complain as I'd rather not share and it was good value for half-board with wine included anyway.

The N260 from Ripoll towards France must be one of the best roads in Europe. I know there are lots of mountain passes but the N260 manages to curve around the mountains for mile after mile with apparently little need to cross the ridge and 'get the job done'. The RN beyond Puigcerda was busy and not in the same league as he first 60km. On reaching the autoroute towards Toulouse my average speed increased despite 3 sets of tolls to contend with; so fiddly on a motorcycle. The urban rind-roads were toll-free, presumably to encourage their use, but this meant that there were booths at each end.

Descending towards Puigcerda
For much of the journey Google Directions were excessive but they were perfect to lead me to the hotel in Limoges. The Ibis-Budget is unusually central and thus potentially harder to find than one at a motorway intersection.

After the obligatory shower, clothes washing and chain-tightening (it must be wearing now as it needs attention every day) I strolled into town and eventually found a pedestrianised street of restaurants with a live jazz band playing. I avoided pizza and found somewhere offering Cous-cous Legumes. The serving of cous-cous, stewed vegetables, chickpeas, sultanas and sauce would have been enough for two. I could only manage around 70% of it but didn't think it  would be wise to have 30% a emporter  for consumption in 16 hours, non-refridgerated, time.

Inside the dome of Limoges station, well worth returning too
As I travelled into France the forecast for today was poor, but instead it has been gloriously sunny with only light winds. For much of the last 3 days I'd have been better off with garments more porous to wind. On the VINCE even my Hood cargo pants were too warm - and they'd been OK in India. It's harder work trail riding a Beta (or indeed pushing a KTM) then it is trundling around on an Enfield!

Too warmly dressed

536km, half on Autoroute


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