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Monday, September 02, 2013

Day 4: Millau to Ripoll

The first section of the A75 was a feast of curves during its descent towards the Mediterranean coast. Unfortunately the join onto the A9 was busy with many lorries and holiday traffic. Nonetheless the 2 motorways enabled me to cover 200km quickly.

Around Perpignan the sea visible from the road and the land became typically Mediterranean and on occasion the air smelt of pine and rosemary. After the toll booth I headed inland and into the foothills of what would become the Spanish Pyrenees. I made a stupid navigational error and spent 14km (there and back) going up the wrong valley.

Looking back into France

At the correct coll at the head of the correct valley I was disappointed to find the cafe closed, why on such a lovely afternoon? Having said that, there wasn't a lot of passing trade.

Spanish fauna tries the bifocal sunglasses
The descent was delayed by roadworks, a blockage due to blasting I think, but soon enough I reached Ripoll. I'd been surprised not to meet any trailbikes on this final leg of the journey but at the hotel a few were parked up. Many more would arrive over the next few hours.

I'd time for a shower, swim, food and another shower before the event briefing. I'm not sure that I'll repeat the swim as the water was cold and very heavily chlorinated. Not a pleasant combination. Austin's briefing can be summarised into two key elements:

  1. It's not my fault if you kill yourself
  2. Be nice to the locals
Both aspects are very reasonable.

SG had done some further route preparation and so we had a plan for tomorrow. I just hope that the routes can be found on the ground.

442km, starting on the A75 but then on good roads across the mountains


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