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Sunday, August 18, 2013

General service

One year since the last entry! The Alp has been out and about a little but not much in reality. Nonetheless it was time for its annual service. It passed the MOT without issue and then  I did the routine:

  • Oiled up a TwinAir filter and swapped it for the OE item which was cleaned later
  • Checked the valve clearances; slightly opened the right hand exhaust valve
  • Oil and filter change
  • New front and rear tyres; TKC80 as before, can't think of anything much better with Michelin 4mm Enduro tubes
  • New sprocket and chain set; Renthal front, OE rear and DID VX2 black chain
  • Brake fluid changed
Altogether it took a day and a half, I must be a slow worker.

Note the 'cupping' wear on the front tyre and how flat it is in comparison to the new item. Still plenty of knobble at the edges; must lean more!

The rear tyre also had a fair bit of rubber on it but I didn't like this cut that extended across two knobbles. It was invisible inside the carcass so it couldn't have been too bad

The new part number for a Betamotor chain ring
The chainring was very hard to source. There didn't seem to be any in the UK and only one dealer wanted to be bothered trying European suppliers. Well done Haven Trialsport! I believe there is a steel JT sprockets equivalent; I've had one on order for 2 weeks now...


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