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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Motorbike weights

I've been thinking of trading the Beta Alp in to buy a new Tenere so as to have a bike mopre suited to trips to France etc. Last year the sub-200kg dry weight was quoted but now it's over 200kg; but at least that is 'on the road'. That got me to thinking about the weights of raod/trail bikes and over a lunchtime I compiled a little chart. It's far from complete but gives a good impression of what's going on.

A notable observation is that their is a clear trend that new versions of a model get heavier - in each case:

Kanguro X1 to XE

Serow 225 to 250

Yamaha Tenere 1980's to 2008

BMW's G/S series

Only in the last case did the manufacturer's realise that enough was enough and make the 1200GS significantly lighter than it predecessor. Also the new twins appear lighter than the single cylinder machine they replaced.

The outcome of this? The Tenere is heavy!

I'll aim to add to the table as I've a chance.


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