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Friday, July 06, 2007

Day 5 La Clusaz to Bardonecchia

Most of today has been cold and wet until the afternoon when I crossed into Italy. The air was wet and the roads wet. The cols at Beaufort and Iseran both windy and misty. No place to stop and linger. I had planned to try an unsurfaced col out of Beaufort with the intention that I could retrace my steps (17km each way) if need be. I missed the turning and considered turning back. The weather was foul and I didn't fancy picking my way along a trail in hail so decided that fate had made my plans here. Perhaps next year?

The sky started to clear from Lanslebourg on the ascent to Cenis. This pass is well surfaced with broad sweeping bends, easy but fun. After a coffee I decided to take a look at a track to the west of the reservoir.

I'd heard that it was closed but the start was signed to a restaurant. I got all the way round without going through a barrier or past a prohibition sign. There were turnings that were clearly forbidden or had signs for electricity vehicles only but the main track was open as far as I could tell. There were also a number of cars parked up around the route. The end of the track is at the derelict customs house and from there the sun shone. I was getting hot just motoring along, quite a relief after being cold for 5 days.

On the approach to Bardonecchia I spotted a sign 'Pramand 11km' and was tempted to follow it then and there, but the thought of a cold beer at the hotel drew me on.

263 km, 1770km in total


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