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Monday, October 09, 2006

Too bright!

I had made a new route roller with three improvements on my original.
  1. The VHS case is of a more transparent plastic and so the text is easier to read. That is sucessful except that the design of the box is less easy to adapt into a route roller.

  2. I have included a pulley system to reduce the unwinding that the paper rolls tend to do when left alone. Discs of aluminium were glued onto the shafys and joined with a thick elastic band. I tried to use Lumiweld for this but it was too hard to align the pieces. This is 90% sucessful, meaning that there's a little roll back but not enough to worry about.
  3. Thirdly I fitted 2 strips of white LEDs to give a brighter and more uniform backlight then the half dozen red LEDs had provided. This looked good in the garage but was far too bright outside at night. It caused a terrible glare in my visor. This needs to be modified.

    I have done a quick test and estimate that a series resistance of at least 300 ohms is reasonable, but less than 1 kohm. Perhaps a potentiometer is needed?


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