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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Back on two wheels

Thank you for the kind messages of support that I've received since my last post. It's harkening that someone does read this blog, and even more so that you care what happens to me.

The radiotherapy finished just over a week ago and I no longer feel tired and nauseous all of the time. As well as doing full days in work I've also taken the Alp for its MOT inspection which it passed easily. After all, I'd fettled it for the HUMM and not ridden it since. The first 100 metres from home felt very unfamiliar but after that I started to settle into the machine and the routine of gear changes and looks over the shoulder became second nature once again.

Today I went for a short spin to take a look at the Edinburgh Trial as it passed close to home. It was a cold night last night and I'm quite sure that I'd have found the whole thing too tiring. The section I visited is a fairly long, steep ascent with numerous small steps and loose stones to challenge the tiring competitors. This year though, for the tougher classes a 'restart' was included on a section of polished, slippery rocks. Whilst some riders had no problems, a number found themselves on the dirt as the rear wheel slid out sideways rather than propelling the machine upwards. Very soon it will be me dusting myself down I hope.

Thanks again for getting in touch.


At 12:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,

I hope you've made a full recovery and that you'll be back in action at the Exeter.




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