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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Annual Service

Now that it's summer it was time to tidy the Alp after its winter trials and prepare it for summer journeys. The current mileage is 13700 km so not a lot really. Over the last week I've done a service and other odd jobs:

  • Oil The engine oil and filter were changed. Both were discoloured, no bits of metal.
  • Air filter The filter, air box and breather hoses were thoroughly cleaned. As I wasn't in a rush I could clean the filter in paraffin and then detergent and then leave it a day to dry. Then I oiled it, squeezed out the excess and left the filter oil solvent a day to evaporate. Just as the instructions say!
  • Chain A complete chain and sprocket set was fitted with standard 15/48 gearing. As usual I fitted the rivet link, I find it easier than the spring clip. I cut the chain with a pair of links longer than last time. This place the rear axle in the centre of its travel and made it easier to fit the chain. It'll be near the back with a 14 tooth front sprocket. However with 2 fewer links the chain is hard to fit and the rear wheel close to the end of its adjustment. Perhaps moving the wheel back 1cm will increase the stability of the chassis?

    The chain roller was grooved and had an irritating squeek and so was replaced. The item is a standard 32mm so easily available. The mounting bolt doesn't have a very positive end point so I used a spot of Loctite on the cleaned thread and tightened it until there was no discernible movement of the roller along the bolt but it could still turn freely.
  • Brakes The front and rear brake fluid was changed by expelling the old oil via the bleed screw and topping up the reservoir. I ran two complete reservoir volumes through. Again the oil was a little brown unlike the new straw-coloured fluid. The rear brake pads were replaced as one was well worn. This seemed to require the back plate of the caliper to be undone. The front pads were fairly thick - there was enough body to allow the same wear again and still not to be at the limit.
  • Valve clearance I removed the tank and washed the frame and outside of the cylinder head. A lot of muck gets trapped under here and it doesn't go in the engine. The next day the tappets were checked and found to be basically fine. As the exhaust was just above the stated clearance I decided to close it a little. I'd left it loose last time I checked them but as they aren't shifting between checks it seemed safe to close it a spot.
  • Tyres I refitted a used TKC80 to the front rim and bought a rear from a local dealer who fitted it. I went for 4mm Ultra Heavy Duty Michelin tubes. These are thicker than the normal enduro ones I have used in the past, and naturally more expensive, but they seemed worth trying. Anything to reduce the risk of a puncture.
Naturally everything was cleaned in the area of what I was working on so the machine is looking a little tidier. Whilst ordering the parts I also bought a spare gear shift lever - £39!!


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