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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Leicestershire lanes

Last night I worked my way through a lot of sections of online OS maps and found a dozen byways and ORPAs within Leicestershire. These made up a convenient loop just to the west of North Leicester Motorcycles, the Moto Morini dealership.

The weather has been dry recently and so the tracks were easy. Some heavily rutted, but firm at least. Leicestershire appears to have started a programme of placing accurate signage (despite the careless spelling), even to showing where a BOAT stops. The byway element was lovely to ride.

Some tracks are county roads and therefore not signed; this bridge shows that they may be quite old carriage routes:

The ford looked deep so being a coward, and liking dry feet, I took the little bridge.

I now need to contact the council to check the status of some routes I passed, but didn't take, as I wasn't confident from the signs that vehicular use was permitted.

The area is an hour down the motorway from home, but at least that's easy going on the Alp.


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