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Friday, September 21, 2007

Edinburgh Trial cancelled

On no! The forthcoming Edinburgh Trial has been canceled. The foot & mouth disease is still not well controlled in the South East of the country and the MCC's executive have decided that the club must be as responsible as possible and not risk spreading FMD around Derbyshire. The day that the decision was released there was a suspected outbreak in Solihull, which isn't a million miles from the start of the event in Tamworth. Later DEFRA stated that the tests for the virus were negative but it shows how touchy the farming community is at present.

I was in Derbyshire last week nice and early and found it as beautiful as ever.

I took in a few lanes that I'd neglected for a while, partly due to post-NERC uncertainty and found them dry. This one is so obviously an old road, perhaps one from the Inclosure Acts of the first half of the 19th century, where roads were specified to be either 40 or 60 feet wide?

If all that is a little too peaceful for you, how about some noisy cars from the 2006 trial getting stuck on Litton Slack?


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