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Monday, July 10, 2006

Stella Alpina Day 6 - Bardonecchia to Dole

This was another hot and sunny day apart from the first few miles in the shadows of the valleys to Cesana. Setting off on the road to Col du Lautaret I realised that the road was being closed by the Police for a cycle ride. I suspect that they were stopping all traffic a few km behind where I was and that if I stopped I'd be made to move off the road and wait for it all to finish. As the road headed for the col the scenary became ever more impressive. I turned to Col du Galiber and the cyclists were to go straight on so there was a photo opportunity. My route holder broke it this stop so now I had no map case and nowhere to keep my route visible. It took me until tomorrow to think of a solution.

These roads needed a little concentration but not too much. It would have been tough on a pushbike. My plan to avoid Annecy and Albertville worked well but I ended up on a 'Route Barée' on a D road in the Massif des Bauges and had to make an expected detour along some pretty country roads.

However this brought me to the latter half of the day when I travlled to Dole on major N roads a little up the Rhone valley and then north west towards Dole. These were surprisingly traffic free and I could make good progress, although it was sometimes dull. Near to Dole the road passed between forests and there were occasional unsurfaced side roads into the trees. i spotted one with a '50' sign and turned into it thinking that it must be legal, or why else have a speed restriction? A km or so along there was a restricted turning, again, the restriction hinted that the main track must be legal.

After some water and chocolate, a balanced diet, I continued to the next turn on the mai track. Here there was an information board which said no motos or 4x4. Did it mean here, or actually in the woods? I wasn't sure so returned to the road and continued to town.
I found the hostel very easily but as I'd already been told that it wasn't very nice all of the defects were made very obvious to me and I even imagined more. A was given a garage key; was that a considerate gesture aor an indication that the moto would be stolen otherwise?
As I'd only been riding for 9 hours i wondered if I should go on, or have planned to go on. But no, that really is plenty.
This evening I started to see why you might cross France on the motorways. I reckon it could be done in a 12hr day at 120kph with some fuel and rest breaks. That would leave time to have a tourist day somewhere interesting.

442km without difficulty


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