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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stella Alpina Day 2 - Cambrai to Les Rousses

The main element of today was its length at 620km, a little less than I'd estimated, but I did use a short cut to avoid Besancon.

The first 100km or so were much like yesterday with large fields of green crops or ripening wheat. Then gradually the undulations became small hills and in each hollow was a copse of trees.

A little later the principle agriculture became forests on both sides of the road which now ducked and dived in and out of valleys. After a while the land became flat, almost as a pause before the green hills of Jura could be seen on the horizon.

It took me all afternoon to reach them and some heavy rain washed the roads down. Somewhere amongst this I noticed the lack of a headlight which I decided must be mended soon as it is required to be on in France. At one of my all-to-frequent petrol stops (less than 180km each one) i asked if they had a bulb - like the one in a car pack. Oh no, that's for cars not motos. The mechanic persisted and wouldn't sell me the bulb and so off I went. It was only a few km to the next place and they had a H4 bulb, as often fitted to cars, and aftre a bit of hassle finding the price it was mine. 6 fiddly screws later I'd got it fitted under their forecourt shelter. This has put me off 'extra bright' bulbs; there's obviously a shorter life.
After what seemed like ages i was down to the final 100km and the ascent into the mountains started. In Salins there was a frontier town attitude and the petrol station sold large petrol cans. I assumed it was the last petrol before Switzerland, but later realised that this was not the case as every town had at least one petrol station.

The hills were great, well surfaced even bends, a good gradient and no potholes to be found lurking around the corner. The hostel at Les Rousses is beautiful and highly recommended.

By following the minor roads I have often been at the 90kph speed limit, but with all of the villages and junctions my average was only 55kph .


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