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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Testing...1, 2, 3...

I changed the brake fluid in both front and rear systems. It's often said that it should be done annually as the fluid is hygroscopic; I don't think I've ever managed that. The fluid was distinctly discoloured and there were sediments in the reservoirs. Whenever I do this job I'm always slightly concerned whether I'll end up introducing air bubbles and making the brakes worse. No problems did occur.

After all of these interventions a test ride seemed sensible and so I took a little trip along some local roads and byways - being careful to stay on ones that I believe are legal after the recent NERC restrictions. The new higher bars are definately an improvement and everything else worked fine. Perhaps I should check if the steering head beraings have bedded in? The TKC80 tyres were at a road pressure of 28psi. On raod they were fine although at one point I did feel a tiny slip and for most of the dry stony tracks I didn't have a problem. On one particular steep lane that has been covered in very fine grit by the council road crew I did find that the rear tyre lost traction and fish tailed a bit as I ascended in second gear. That isn't soeething I'm used to but coped fine.


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