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Monday, June 12, 2006

Oil change

I took a quick spin for 10km from home to get the engine really nice and warm. On a short stretch of open road I managed to reach 60mph and I think the front wheel balance is improved now I've fitted 50g of weights opposite the rim lock.

Anyway with nice hot oil it poured out very rapidly, dark but no visible particles. Likewise the oil filter - that's good. Refilling was a little of a concern: I put in 1.8 litres but after a minute of engine running it didn't reach the dipstick. Added another few hundred mls and then ran the engine for the official 5 minutes and it was part way up the stick. Another 100mls brought it to the 'max'. On checking the handbook says that 2.1 litres is needed after oil filter chnage - so spot on!


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