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Friday, June 23, 2006

Number plate refit

In the UK there we don't get registration plates issued by an official authority. The vehicle gets its number when first registered and you get plates made up to an official standard. In theory these should be done on British Standard materials and to a specific size, which for a motorcycle seems to be huge. One of contemporary the reasons for this standard is to facilitate the use of number plate recognition systems for the issuing of fines and toll collection. Also the plates have to be made by an apporved company so as to reduce the chance that someone accidentally puts the wrong number on their car...Anyway, I decided I needed a legal-size plate including the 'GB' logo in a 'Euroband'.

This blog entry is to promote a compnay that can be found on 01995 602513 that at the time of writing will produce flexible 'show plates' for £12-50. Order today, delivered tomorrow. Excellent service. The material looks normal but is fairly flexible unlike the legal acrylic which is incredibly brittle and totally unsuited to a motorcycle used on unsurfaced roads.


At 5:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's great about show plates in the UK is that you can really pick what you want them to say, and how you want them to look. I got my Show Plates from and they're just awesome.


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