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Monday, June 19, 2006

High bars

Over the years I've sometimes wondered if I needed higher bars on a few of my dirt bikes as I always seem to have a reach to them. Now I've fitted some Renthal Dakar/Enduro High (pattern #613) bars to the Alp. These give around 60mm more height and a bit more sweep than the original bars.

The cables are adequately long - the clutch only just - so bear this in mind if you're planning to fit some sort of bar risers.

As the OE bars are around 800mm end-to-end I cut 15mm off each end.

In the UK I always order Renthal products from B&C express as they are very efficient.

Naturally it took quite a while to transfer the controls and brush guards.

Only time will tell if they are more ergonomic.


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